As a final project in my first Digital Imaging class, we were assigned to create a mutant creature by cutting and pasting pictures that we collected online. I decided to make the design as a fiction comic book cover. I decided to go with a spider/mutant hybrid, who somewhat plays a part of a King Kong or Godzilla type. I spent quite a few days trying to perfect the design. I started off with a body builder image to take on the look of a superhero. The legs were the next step, which I actually found an image of a steel statue created in Canada, I believe. I wanted the creature to look more realistic than just a body and steel legs, so I used the overlay function in Photoshop to create a texture and skin on the body. I than lined the entire thing with hair to resemble an actual spider. Next, I created the webs and eggs to present a reason that the creature was angry. I used a city background that I found online, and changed the sky to create a Post-apocalyptic feel. Finally, I added the bright text, with hair as well, and the catch phrase at the bottom, to add a little comedy to the design.