These kind of designs are my all time favorite. Anything where I have the freedom to come up with a design to my liking. I created the idea of a book about a pair of brothers who wake up after a plane crash and realize that the United States has been attacked. The brothers must than make there way across a country in nuclear fallout. For the design, I wanted to make it somewhat horrific to grab attention. I decided to put a radiation sign over the American flag to instantly get people thinking. I than added the two men in bio hazard suits, to get the full effect. The font of the text is a strong, authoritative one that I thought represented the situation and the character backgrounds well. The color of the text is directly taken from the imaging. I also liked the grainy look of the images and chose to go with broken concrete as the overall background.

You can also check out the Poster/Magazine ad for the book at the link below.