One night, I just had the urge to do something with nature as the subject.  I found this desert like color scheme online and really like the feeling.  To me, the shape resembled a tree, and the colors somewhat seemed sepia tone.  I immediately thought of Africa.  I decided to use some filtering in Photoshop to change up the style and mesh together the colors a little more.  I than used some tribal tattoo designs (roots, lion, zebra, elephant, giraffe)  and masked them within the design.  I then added a layer beneath the design and used some brown and yellows to make the animals look like they were parts of the tree.  Later, I added some leaves with the handy paintbrush tool in Photoshop; plus, some other plant life on the ground and within the design.   I filtered the picture a couple different ways (wind, cutout, water paint) and added some blurring to mix it all together.