I had a chance to do some logo design recently for a new business venture.  The customer is a wife of an oil rep or something.  She said oil companies would always send her and her husband free t-shirts, but they were somewhat masculine for a female to wear.  Her idea was to create her own shirt company focusing on the oil field but geared more towards women.  Here are some of the ideas I proposed to her.  I created the majority of each design in Photoshop and than converted them to vector designs in Illustrator.

skirts 4 skirts 6 skirts 3 skirt 5 Skirts 1 skirts 2 Skirts n Pipe 7 skirts 8

It was tough to come up with a concept that focused on the name, but eventually I decided to use “droplets of oil,” and she ended up choosing the first design.  It’s a simple text with the font adjusted to add some drops over the ‘i’s, as well as a woman’s head shape in the main larger droplet.  Below are a variation of color schemes.  Personally, I like the original black and white scheme the best.

Skirts 'N Pipe Logo Colors 1 Skirts 'N Pipe Logo Colors 2 Skirts 'N Pipe Logo Colors 3