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Trunk or Treat 2015


Giving Hope Program

Giving Hope Program_Page_1 Giving Hope Program_Page_2

Veterans Day

City Hall - Veterans Day

Hunters Appreciation

Picnic in the Park

Employee Labor Day Meal

Created with Paintshop Pro for posting on Social Media Sites, website, and City of Ballinger Buildings

Burger Lunch

Fund Raiser Posters

I was given the opportunity to design some posters for a fundraiser being hosted by the City of Ballinger.  Originally, they wanted a simple design with a white background, but I made a couple others to see if they would like something a little more flashy.  They ended up choosing the “Wanted” poster style.  Here are each of the designs.Poster 1 Poster 2 Poster 3

TSTC Billboards, Postcards, and Facebook Posts

I created these for a TSTC project to gather interest from both upcoming High School Graduates as well as older/non traditional prospective students.  The Billboards were each a basic design high lighting the students and future jobs that could be in the future.  I wanted to keep them clean/simple, as well as use the red, white, and blue from the TSTC Logo.  The Postcards are a little different.  The first design is somewhat of a take on the new Windows phone app Flipboard, as well as the basic look of the text message thread on the iPhone.  The target audience for this one is for the younger crowd.  The second postcard design is geared to the Technology fans, and I was hoping to get some attention with the neon lights against a steel pegged background.  Finally, the first facebook post is geared to really any age group, and people who really want to make a difference in helping others.  The second is geared once again the the tech savvy crowd, or even the art lovers.  Bright images against a slick silver background I thought would be attention getting.


TSTC Billboard 1 TSTC Billboard 2

Postcards (Front and Back)

Postcard Design 1 Postcard Design 1-B Postcard Design 2 Postcard Design 2-B

Facebook Posts

Facebook Post 1 Facebook Post 2


Vehicle Advertisement (Print)

I was able to do some freelance work for Invigor Animation Studio in Abilene, owned by Adam Allegrucci.  He has had a long relationship with many of the car dealers around the area, and he gave me a chance to make some revisions of his designs, as well as come up with a couple of my own.  All of these were completely designed using the tools in Illustrator, along with some vector images found online, and the vehicle pictures sent from the businesses.  The first one, I simply changed the colors, information, and some vehicles.  The second and third designs were a complete revision of colors and graphics.  The New Years design was a complete change of the header, with fireworks, new colors, and a mirror ball.

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