Corey Van Zandt

Digital Graphics and Video Editing



Digital Menu Boards

Employee Labor Day Meal

Created with Paintshop Pro for posting on Social Media Sites, website, and City of Ballinger Buildings

Burger Lunch

Chic-Fil-A Digital Menu Board

This video is a actually meant to be a sliding digital menu. It displays the meals, pictures, and information that customers need to purchase the items. It was created in the thought that it would be viewed within Chic-Fil-A restaurants.

Programs Used: Photoshop for Design, Windows Movie Maker for Animation

Paco’s Tacos Menu

I created this as just one page of a still menu board for a fictional restaurant. I used the red and green colors, as well as the two mascots to resemble the Tex-Mex food that the restaurant would sell. For the background, I chose to use the cracked soil of a West Texas desert or dry lake.

Programs Used: Photoshop CS5

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