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Digital Advertisements and Signage(Stills)

Digital Advertisements and Signage(Stills)

When We Woke Book Signing

This advertisement is based on a fictional novel that I created the book jacket for. The book tells a story of the lives of two brothers trying to survive in war torn United States ravaged by nuclear fallout. To capture the emotion, as well as create some controversy, I decided to use the image of a burning American flag and images of gas masks. Within the fire, I wanted to use the radiation symbol that I displayed on the cover. I also thought that some made up reviews would give the advertisement a legit design.

Mall of Abilene Food Court

These five ads were created for digital display and are basically a menu or the most popular food items of the day. I used at least one dish from each restaurant to display next to the menu items. I tried to capture the feel of the restaurant ‘s food choices in the ad backgrounds and text colors.

Mall of Abilene Information

The idea behind these two images was just to basically make viewers aware of some information about the Mall of Abilene. They were each made in Photoshop and are actually pretty close to being mirror images of each other in the layout.

Kids World

I did this design for a class project highlighting stores and information in the Mall of Abilene. I did not know much about the place itself, so I displayed some information I found on the mall’s website. My main goal was to make this design a fun and colorful one to excite kids.

Sprint iPhone Advertisement

I created this to be displayed on digital signs in Sprint stores. It obviously is an advertisement for the latest(at the time) available iPhone. I used the wording to entice customers to try out something that they couldn’t live without. My idea was to create a map out of the constellations to support the words in the ad. All the essential information is provided along with the bright yellow discounted price.Image


I enjoyed creating this ad, for it is a subject that I truly love myself: video games. My main goal from the very beginning was to use soldier silhouettes and have a design from the game in the background. I had to do some patchwork and cutting on the image at the left, but was happy with the outcome. I have found an affection for the halftone filter in Photoshop and it shows in the background smoke image. I chose to keep the games original text for the ad and displayed the additional information in a stroked, clean Acme font.

Don Italio Pizzeria

For this class project, we were asked to create an advertisement for our choice of one of a number of different businesses. I chose to create a pizza shop named Don Italio Pizzeria. I created the image of the chef “Don Italio,” in Illustrator, and added his colors in Photoshop. I wanted to get the word out about a new restaurant so I used the words “FREE PIZZA.” I also added “Delizioso,” to the chef’s hat to hold viewer attention. The background is an Italian flag, for pizza is Italian.


These five signs for JCPenney were done in Photoshop, and were geared towards their summer wear. The backgrounds I chose were lightly colored and some used some imaging of waves. I chose to use images of the style of clothing that each ad was selling. I chose to make the cheap prices standout in bright colors and a larger font than the rest of the text.

Academy Sports and Outdoors

All ten of the Academy Sport and Outdoors designs were created in Photoshop. They are designed to be displayed within the store, on billboards, or even within a weekly flyer. The mindset was to show athletes in action on half of the image and than display products, brand names, and information in the other half. The fonts chosen were done so for their likeness to the Academy logo. I used various splatter brushes in each on a layer mask to comfortably fade the white space into the images. Some of the athletes images spill over into the white to give a 3D feel.

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