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Logo Design

Logo Design

Apparition Production Logo

I was assigned with creating a production logo and introduction for my video class, and at the time was watching a television show called American Gothic, which is where the audio comes from. Also, I have always been a Ghostbusters fan, so I decided to go with the name Apparition. The figure itself was a still image that I downloaded from the internet and toyed with in Photoshop to give a blue “invisible” feel. I than used Adobe Premiere to create a simple wave movement and flashing to give an eerie motion to the figure.

Top O’ The Morning Logo

I created this logo for a fictional coffee company.  I wanted to give it an Irish feel to match the company’s name, so I chose to use a four leaf clover.  The gold, leaves and banner are meant to symbolize a richness and high quality of ingredients and flavor.

Creative World Visuals: Logo

This logo was created for my personal catalog using Photoshop and Illustrator. The design itself actually forms the letter “CWV,” within the separate colors. I wanted to create a spinning world effect to symbolize constant motion inside the world, as well as out.

Dreamscope: Logo

I toyed with a few ideas before settling on this final piece.  I wanted the design to stand out on it’s own.  I created this logo in Adobe Illustrator and added the gradient colors in Photoshop. I wanted to create some imagining in the logo that was somewhat of a play of words in the company name. That is the reason that the “scope” design is represented in the “O” of the name. I also knew that I wanted to create a moon out of the “E” in Dream. The crescent moon design alone is what I had originally, but it looked too much like a “C.” I also tried a crescent moon with a single star but did not want the logo to be confused with a religious symbol. I decided to make a trail of stars to complete the lower case “e,” and add some gradients to the rest of the design.

Here are a couple of the originals that I initially came up with.

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