Corey Van Zandt

Digital Graphics and Video Editing


Videos and Commercials

Moving Menu Boards and Commercial Advertisements

TSTC (Digital Commercials & Promos)

Part of a final project for Advanced Digital Signage, I made six different TSTC commercial and promotional ads.  I added audio to some, and left it quite on others.  If you notice though, I think I used all songs and samples from Tron Legacy.  I used a number of different programs for the project.  I spent some time in Photoshop designing layouts, backgrounds, and text style.  For some of the audio, I used Audacity to record my vocals and lace them with the music.  As for the video, I mainly used Window Movie Maker, but toyed with Premiere Elements on some.

Book Store Commercial

Career assistance ad.

Take a Tour Promotion.

Average Education Costs.

Simple, quick look at some news around the campus.

Menu board of the weeks lunch and dinner plates.

Chic-Fil-A Digital Menu Board

This video is a actually meant to be a sliding digital menu. It displays the meals, pictures, and information that customers need to purchase the items. It was created in the thought that it would be viewed within Chic-Fil-A restaurants.

Programs Used: Photoshop for Design, Windows Movie Maker for Animation

Chuck E. Cheese Ad

Created in Windows Movie maker, this is a simple video advertising the food, fun, and activities that are offered at the entertaining restaurant. I created a border and all text for the commercial in Photoshop before combining it all for the final production.

Luckenbach Commercial

Created in Adobe Premiere, this commercial for Luckenbach focuses on the music and tradition of the East Texas community. The script and commentary were written in the mindset of the Texas Country Reporter with Bob Phillips. The soundtrack is an acoustic version of the Eagles “Tequila Sunrise.”

Abilene Center for Contemporary Arts Guerrilla Ad Campaign

The project for this assignment was to create a guerrilla ad campaign for the The Center of Contemporary Arts in Abilene. I used various photos of the area and art galleries along with scripted audio to introduce the idea behind the campaign. Each of the images depicting Dr. Seuss artwork were designed in Photoshop.

Mall of Abilene Mobile App Commercial

I used a simple green textured background and provided information to create this short ad in Premiere Elements. The ad was designed to be displayed on digital signs at the entrance of the mall. It basically highlights the features that the app offers. I decided to add some motion to the text, as well as some rotation with zoom to the cell phone image.

JCPenney Commercials/In-store Ads

These two commercials were created in Windows Movie Maker after I did some Photoshop work on the designs, logo, and background. They were created to be digital displayed in the stores and are relatively simple but display the essential information for customers.

Apparition Production Logo

I was assigned with creating a production logo and introduction for my video class, and at the time was watching a television show called American Gothic, which is where the audio comes from. Also, I have always been a Ghostbusters fan, so I decided to go with the name Apparition. The figure itself was a still image that I downloaded from the internet and toyed with in Photoshop to give a blue “invisible” feel. I than used Adobe Premiere to create a simple wave movement and flashing to give an eerie motion to the figure.

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