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Trunk or Treat 2015


Veterans Day

City Hall - Veterans Day

Hunters Appreciation

Trunk or Treat – Halloween

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Vehicle Advertisement (Print)

I was able to do some freelance work for Invigor Animation Studio in Abilene, owned by Adam Allegrucci.  He has had a long relationship with many of the car dealers around the area, and he gave me a chance to make some revisions of his designs, as well as come up with a couple of my own.  All of these were completely designed using the tools in Illustrator, along with some vector images found online, and the vehicle pictures sent from the businesses.  The first one, I simply changed the colors, information, and some vehicles.  The second and third designs were a complete revision of colors and graphics.  The New Years design was a complete change of the header, with fireworks, new colors, and a mirror ball.

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When We Woke Book Signing

This advertisement is based on a fictional novel that I created the book jacket for. The book tells a story of the lives of two brothers trying to survive in war torn United States ravaged by nuclear fallout. To capture the emotion, as well as create some controversy, I decided to use the image of a burning American flag and images of gas masks. Within the fire, I wanted to use the radiation symbol that I displayed on the cover. I also thought that some made up reviews would give the advertisement a legit design.

Programs Used: Photoshop CS5

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