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Trunk or Treat 2015


July the 4th, 2015 Flyer

July the 4th 2015

Created for City of Ballinger for posting on social media and at city buildings.

Memorial Day 2015


Veterans Day

City Hall - Veterans Day

Hunters Appreciation

Trunk or Treat – Halloween

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Created with Paintshop Pro for posting on Social Media Sites

Picnic in the Park

City of Ballinger, Downtown Map

I was asked by the Chamber of Commerce, to create a “Cartoon” map of the downtown area of Ballinger for visitors.  I really like the designs that Fun Maps USA creates, so I took their style and adapted it to the City of Ballinger.   I already had the layout of the streets and lots created in Autocad, so I decided to create the buildings.  Once I had the lines created, erased the ones that were in the way, and checked it a dozen times or so, I moved the file to Illustrator, and traced it to remove some pixelation.  I then used Paint Shop Pro, (only program I had at work), to add the colors, signs, text, and any other touch ups.  All this was done while virtually “driving” down the street in Google Earth.  I added the map to the city’s website and the Chamber is currently distributing it in the city attractions brochure.  Here is the finished product:

City Map Cartoon Model

Fund Raiser Posters

I was given the opportunity to design some posters for a fundraiser being hosted by the City of Ballinger.  Originally, they wanted a simple design with a white background, but I made a couple others to see if they would like something a little more flashy.  They ended up choosing the “Wanted” poster style.  Here are each of the designs.Poster 1 Poster 2 Poster 3

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