Corey Van Zandt

Digital Graphics and Video Editing



When We Woke Book Signing

This advertisement is based on a fictional novel that I created the book jacket for. The book tells a story of the lives of two brothers trying to survive in war torn United States ravaged by nuclear fallout. To capture the emotion, as well as create some controversy, I decided to use the image of a burning American flag and images of gas masks. Within the fire, I wanted to use the radiation symbol that I displayed on the cover. I also thought that some made up reviews would give the advertisement a legit design.

Programs Used: Photoshop CS5

Top O’ The Morning Coffee Packaging

I created these design for a fictional online coffee shop. I created the gold bags to symbolize richness of the ingredients used. For each flavor, the combined ingredients are displayed clearly along with a font to match their personality.  Programs Used: Photoshop CS5

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