Corey Van Zandt

Digital Graphics and Video Editing



TSTC (Digital Commercials & Promos)

Part of a final project for Advanced Digital Signage, I made six different TSTC commercial and promotional ads.  I added audio to some, and left it quite on others.  If you notice though, I think I used all songs and samples from Tron Legacy.  I used a number of different programs for the project.  I spent some time in Photoshop designing layouts, backgrounds, and text style.  For some of the audio, I used Audacity to record my vocals and lace them with the music.  As for the video, I mainly used Window Movie Maker, but toyed with Premiere Elements on some.

Book Store Commercial

Career assistance ad.

Take a Tour Promotion.

Average Education Costs.

Simple, quick look at some news around the campus.

Menu board of the weeks lunch and dinner plates.

Chuck E. Cheese Ad

Created in Windows Movie maker, this is a simple video advertising the food, fun, and activities that are offered at the entertaining restaurant. I created a border and all text for the commercial in Photoshop before combining it all for the final production.

Crock Pot Cooking

Obviously, I don’t always take myself too seriously. Here is a funny little cooking experiment that I created with Windows Movie Maker. It is basically a video taped recipe with a soundtrack, directions, and a little bit of comedy. Hope you enjoy.

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